I See Dead People…All the Time: A Conversation with Amy Allan

There is nobody on television that does what Amy Allan can do.  One of television’s most enigmatic presenters, Amy Allan has been mystifying audiences and helping terrified people in need by using her unique gifts of communicating with the dead on Travel Channel’s hit reality program The Dead Files since 2011.  Each week Amy and her partner, former NYPD homicide detective Steve  Di Schiavi, conduct separate investigations of haunted homes and businesses in an attempt to help the owners understand what unknown entities are living with them, and how they can protect themselves from malicious spirits, demons, shadow people and other supernatural presences.  While Steve does a more traditional investigation uncovering the history of the property, Amy, assisted by her husband Matthew Anderson, goes on a walk through the possessed buildings where she uses her powerful psychic gifts to communicate with the dead and uncover the hidden truths that lay within.

She’s a psychic medium, he’s a detective – Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi on Travel Channel’s “The Dead Files.”

A gifted psychic medium since childhood, Amy Allan has been communicating with spirits as long as she can remember.  Highly expressive and intuitive, Amy’s investigations are amazingly accurate, and when she comes together with Steve at the end, their findings seem to fit together like a haunted jig saw puzzle.  But beyond the television screen Amy Allan seems to be as much of a mystery as the places she investigates.  With little written about her past, and guarded about her present, little public information exists on Amy Allan.  However, her strong screen presence has earned her a devoted fan following which tunes in every Friday night to watch her eerie tours through haunted locations.

Despite her elusiveness, Amy Allan remains to be a busy woman.  With future projects in the works, including a new business and a series of books to help widen her work in helping people deal with the supernatural unknown, Amy is kept busy traveling North America with The Dead Files crew.  As a result, it was a rare honor to have Amy take some time to talk with me, and to reveal a little bit about her life as a medium and give some insight on what she does.

“I have been told that I had strange things happening (to me) before I even remember.”

Sam Tweedle:  When did you discover that you had the gift to detect and communicate with dead people?

Amy Allan:  It was more of a process.  I have been told that I had strange things happening [to me] before I even remember.  My first memory was when I was four, but I really didn’t know that it was anything abnormal or different.  I didn’t really understand what I was going to be doing with it.  I started to test myself when I was in my late teens after having numerous inconsistent experiences throughout my life.  I had studied the field since I was a child trying to figure out what the hell [was happening to me].  I became fascinated with paranormal investigations and how they were being conducted with people who claimed to have abilities.  So I thought that it’d be a cool idea to go to a place that I didn’t know anything about and see if I’m crazy.  So that’s how the whole thing kind of started.

Sam:  Did you ever doubt yourself, and wonder if your gift was all in your head?

“Both of my parents have (the ability to see dead people), and it seems to go through my mother’s line through the females and my father’s line through the males.”

Amy:  Oh yeah.  When I was a kid, sure.  Especially when I was a teenager.  I thought I was crazy.  One of the things that I did do was that I put myself up for any kind of psychological tests or evaluation to see if I had any mental illnesses or mental disorders that was causing this, and they found that I did not.  So I definitely looked to science for answers for a very long time, and then started conducting these tests to see if I was getting accurate information, and I was.

Sam:  Is your gift to communicate with spirits a hereditary thing?

Amy:  It seems to be.  Both of my parents have it, and it seems to go through my mother’s line through the females and my father’s line through the males.

Sam:  So with your mother and father coming together, it would create a powerful medium in you.

Amy:  Yeah.

“I’m a scientist too, so I’ll always be testing myself. I’ll never be done testing myself.”

Sam:  Was there a defining moment when you became comfortable with this, and you realized that you were going to pursue this was really happening?  Was there a specific investigation?

Amy:  Really, it’s every investigation. (Laughs)  I mean, I’m a scientist too, so I’ll always be testing myself.  I’ll never be done testing myself, or others for that matter.

Sam:  Your husband Matthew is a big part of the show and helps you in your investigations.  Was he initially interested in the paranormal as well?

Amy:  No, he really [wasn’t].  He was a die-hard skeptic when he first met.

Sam:  Has he changed his mind?

Amy Allan with her husband Matthew Anderson: “He can’t explain what I do, but he just knows that I can get this information.”

Amy:  He says the same thing  Steve Di Schiavi says.  He believes in what I do.  He can’t explain what I do, but he just knows that I can get this information.

Sam:  Did you know Steve Di Schiavi before The Dead Files was put into production?

Amy:  No.

Sam:  I love the juxtaposition between the different type of people you two are, but how your investigations seem to fit together like pieces of a puzzle.  How do you feel you two mesh as a team?

Amy Allan with Steve Di Schiavi : “We have a mutual respect for each other in how we conduct our investigations. I have been working for a long time with private investigators and police officers, so that was always an instrumental part of my investigation technique.”

Amy:  We get along. (Laughs)  We have a mutual respect for each other in how we conduct our investigations.  I have been working for a long time with private investigators and police officers, so that was always an instrumental part of my investigation technique.

Sam:  How did Travel Channel first come in contact with you?

Amy:  Through Painless Productions and Jim Casey.  He went to them with this and they liked this.

Sam:  I watch a lot of paranormal shows, and one of the things that make The Dead Files different from the others is that you almost never see any actual physical evidence of ghosts or poltergeist activity on camera.  The show is focused on you and Steve and the actual investigation and information that the two of you collect.  During the filming of the show have you been to a place that has had a lot of physical activity or have the crew seen any apparitions?

“There has definitely been times when there are good dead people around and they’re freaked out, but there is (the bad) dead people freaking them out.”

Amy:  We’ve had various experiences filming the show.  Some of the crew have seen apparitions.  Yeah, things have happened.

Sam:  In all of the places you go you seem to encounter very malicious spirits and dark energy.  You’ve dealt with some really nasty creatures.  Obviously, in this type of work, you encounter good or passive spirits as well.  Do the producers of The Dead Files specifically send you out to places that have hostile spirit activity?

Amy:  From what I understand they pick locations where people really need help.  There has definitely been times when there are good dead people around and they’re freaked out, but there is [the bad] dead people freaking them out.

Sam:  Has there been a time when you’ve been truly scared?  I mean, you get threatened a lot, but you seem to have pretty thick skin.

“I just feel a lot of stuff. I’ve been through a lot. Not a lot really bothers me.”

Amy:  Well, I just feel a lot of stuff.  I’ve been through a lot.  Not a lot really bothers me.  I’ve been in locations where I initially have that scared moment, but I’ll work through it.

Sam:  But I have seen episodes where spirits are telling you that they want to harm you, or even kill you.  I’d be pretty freaked.

Amy:  Meh.  (Laughs)

Sam:  The show has been a great success.  What’s next for you?

A sketch of one of the many terrifying entities that Amy Allan has encountered on her investigations: “I’m starting a business again. I’m finding a location so that people can go there for help and for ongoing treatment and assistance. I think it’s going to be a really great place where people can come and feel safe about talking about these kinds of things. “

Amy:  I’m starting a business again.  I’m finding a location so that people can go there for help and for ongoing treatment and assistance.  I think  it’s going to be a really great place where people can come and feel safe about talking about these kinds of things.  I am also working on some books to help people at home.  I’ve been doing [lots of] research.  I have a lot going on. (Laughs)

Sam:  Obviously you won’t always be at the business due to your schedule with The Dead Files.  Will you be putting together your own team of mediums to help you?

Amy:  Yes.  Absolutely, and people who have been tested.

“Have respect for the dead people that you encounter, because they are just people in most cases.”

Sam:  Due to the success of The Dead Files, and Travel Channel’s other supernatural show, Ghost Adventures, supernatural investigations have grown in popularity and more people are going out in search of spirits on their own.  What would your advice be to amateur ghost hunters?  What is the best way to protect yourself?

Amy:  Hm.  Well, first off, have respect for the dead people that you encounter, because they are just people in most cases.  Tell them straight up that they are not allowed to harm you and that they are not allowed to follow you home and really mean it.  The thing is, we have the power and we have the intention that we can place forth and [the dead] people just need to know that.

Sam:  Have you ever had anything follow you home?

Amy:  When I was younger.  Yeah.  Before I knew that I had to put my foot down.

Sam:  So this has really been a life long journey for you.

Amy:  Oh, absolutely.

“(Positive investigations) feels great because the dead people have been taken care of, and the living people are happy, and that’s awesome. That’s why I do what I do.”

Sam:  At the end of the show you always give the home owners advice to make their situation better, or advise them that they should leave their homes behind if there is nothing they can do.  Have you dealt with people who have flat out not taken your advice?

Amy:  Yeah.  I think that people who respond that way are typically unnerved because it’s not something that’s going to be resolved in five minutes, and they have to put a lot of work into taking care of the situations.  So, I think it’s up to them if they want to do it or not.  But you got to take care of your house, and sometimes that means that you’ve got to remodel and that’ll take some time and investment.

Sam:  How about success stories?  Do you feel that you have made some people’s lives better?

Amy:  Yes.  It feels great because the dead people have been taken care of, and the living people are happy, and that’s awesome.  That’s why I do what I do.

One of my favorite weekly programs, I never miss an episode of The Dead Files.  What Amy and Steve do is truly unique, and the histories and stories that they reveal are compelling.  They reveal the hidden horrors and local legends that don’t make the history books.  It is a program I just can’t turn away from.  But even after engaging with Amy in conversation, she still remains as mysterious as ever before.  Obviously very guarded about her privacy, Amy is definitely the most elusive individual I’ve ever interviewed.  But her dedication to take care of both living and dead people is a testimony to her compassion, and the importance of the works she does.  Amy Allan is using her incredible and rare gift for positive means, making her a light in the shadows that haunt our world.

The Dead Files air Fridays at 10pm ET/PT on Travel Channel.  For more information on Amy Allan and The Dead Files visit their official web-site at http://www.travelchannel.com/tv-shows/the-dead-files.


POP CULTURE NOTE:  Thanks to Stephanie DePietro from Travel Channel  for arranging the opportunity to talk to Amy Allan.

  1. Britney’s avatar

    What an awesome interview! I,too, am a fan of Amy’s. I’m glad she remains so private. It makes me more inclined to believe she truly is compassionate and wanting to help others versus trying to just get her name and face plastered anywhere she can. Your article was well written, and you asked some really great questions! I am fascinated by what all is walking (or crawling) among us that remain unseen. Great job!!

  2. Christina Trombley’s avatar

    Keep up the good work that you do. You are needed more than you know. I commend and appreciate what you do for others. Most people pish posh it or refuse to believe that these things happen or even exist. Thank You for being you Amy Allan!

  3. Nancy Clark’s avatar

    I never miss an episode. I think what you do is wonderful.there are times I seriously worried about you though. When I watch you going through all the stress put on your body it scares me at times. With what you do can you have children if you so choose?if your pregnant can spirits hurt your unborn child?

  4. shayne’s avatar

    I am very happy you do what you do….l grew up in a house that had spirits and l was always terrified, but l was a child so l didn’t understand….when my husband and l were going through a particularly hard time in our relationship due to various things his grandfather, who had passed, actually visited me. Long story short, l felt his presence and my son had an electronic toy that started acting strange….but the thing was l felt my husband’s grandfather, oh btw we live in his grandfather/ grandmothers home, and l said “grandpa, is that u?” And the toy responded with some beeping….and l said ” r u here to ck on us us?” And again the toy like beeped….and l said ” we’re going to b fine, it’s ok l promise” and the toy like beeped again and that was it l didn’t feel anything else after that or since…his grandfather was a preacher and our home has always felt safe…and his presence was comforting not scary at all…just wanted to share that…and also can u safely investigate if u were to become pregnant like in the previous question?

  5. Ray Dillon’s avatar

    Thanks for the great interview! My wife and I are both serious Amy fans and avid followers of the Dead Files and other paranormal shows and information. My wife believes she has had several paranormal experiences and may have some “abilities,” as Amy calls them. I may have had an experience or two, but have never spoke of them. I think, however, I was much more sensitive in my youth, I haven’t experienced anything I would remotely call paranormal since my early 30′s.

    Again, great job. Thanks for the article.

  6. Grace Young’s avatar

    I agree with the author, Amy is spot on. A few questions though? When a person dies tragically or they had alot of hatred in their heart this somehow creates a condition where the person is stuck and become ghosts of some sort? Did she go to some sort of school for parapsychology? How can we prevent that condition from happening to ourselves?

  7. Daniel’s avatar

    I’ve had my own personal paranormal experience’s. I know every success has its doubters. I love watching the show I find the scientific and research aspect for people like me who are into the field helpful. But for the show I just really want to know how fake it is. Or misleading it is to the viewer. I want to be fair. I read an article by a Dr. in this field about Amy making her sound very vague about her career. I do not agree with her article about Amy and most of her points or opinions had been flimsy at best. I honestly believe she is about 50-60% real in her findings. I saw an older episode of “A Haunting”(I’m a ghost/paranormal junkie) and she was in it. She was an investigator that was called to help on a case. She looked VERY different more nerdy bookworm type, very conservative dress and style. When the show started they had her all gothed up with a crazy haircut and everything. I like the fact she’s now showing more of a personal balance instead of being made into someone she’s not. Also I’m pretty sure she is pregnant
    I always ask this to myself whenever I watch the show. You see she gets attacked, she gets threatened. But her husband NEVER gets attacked nor does these powerful beings EVER do anything like throw a book or what have you at her to show their strength and how dangerous they are if she’s telling her husband and the camera everything about them.
    Also I remember an episode where she states she has actually seen Death- and it looks nothing like the Grim Reaper. But nobody even raised an eyebrow to that comment. Personally I would’ve stopped down and been like wait wait wait you’ve seen Death? What does Death look like and what kind of vibe does it have?
    To Grace: I think the aspect of people being left especially angry hateful types are more of their own choice. With the ever so frightful threat of damnation and lets face it those people know they are doing wrong they don’t want to pass over in fear of being judged by God or the universe whatever they might tell themselves they don’t believe in or actually do believe in.

  8. Angela’s avatar

    I’m a huge fan of the show! Thanks to the producers for a truly unique paranormal program, Amy and Steve make a great partnership! Daniel your not alone….when Amy commented on seeing death and that it looks nothing like the grim reaper… I wondered the same thing!! How did this not come up when they did the episode of Amy and Steve answering fans questions?

  9. Melissa’s avatar

    Wonderful show. I never miss it.much respect for all on the show.

  10. Berrien Ashmore’s avatar

    Amy, you never cease to amaze. I am glad you use your incredible gift to help the living and the dead. When you have bad experiences and see some of the horrible things you see I really worry about you. I am a faithful viewer that hopes you can continue to people get rid of evil presence, and have the greatest respect for you. You and Steve make a great team. It was nice to learn the cameraman is your husband.

  11. Patty’s avatar

    Amy, Amy, Amy… Absolutely adore ya girl… I’m so freaking happy to learn Matt is your husband! I told my hubby, there is NO WAY Amy would ever let just anyone walk around with her much less STEP in your space. LOL. I have watched you from the very beginning and believe or not, I didn’t want my respect for you & Steve to diminish . The outside world can be very ignorant. I adore Steve (who the hell wouldn’t). Creepy just works for me (ha ha) not to mention the incredible chemistry you have. Amy girl, you & Matt have that IT FACTOR and he rarely speaks!!! Steve is the man… Without each other, it just wouldn’t be the same.
    Love you all !!!

  12. Patty’s avatar

    Please forgive MY ignorance. I got so wrapped up in telling all of you how much I appreciated you as truly unique individuals, I left out the fact, that what you do,(on sooo many levels) is life changing for so many helpless, vulnerable and extremely defeated individuals who know deep inside that “Amy, Steve & Matt” are their last hope.
    Just saying…

  13. Laura Mendoza’s avatar

    Hello Amy Allen
    my reason for emailing you is that I must tell you, you are one unique individual and for what reasons you do what you do is the most humane gesture for those of us who believe that the spirit world really does exist. I have had some contacts with some spirits in my life and they mostly let me see them thru my peripheral vision. For the most part I am a caregiver and most of my clients for a long while were elderly whom I would be there for the end part of their lives. Some did not have any famiy members, so I would do my best to be there for them by their side holding their hand or making them comfortable and letting them know that it was okay for them to go. to just feel free and know that I am there with them and if they were ready to go that its okay.
    so you see I believe what I am seeing really is that of friends that have passed and that I was there to say good-bye. I want to thank you for making me a true believer and for helping those people who have needed for the right person to understand.

    Laura Mendoza

  14. Maureen G.’s avatar


    I admire your show. Because that is just what it is; a show. People need to realize these experiences are rare. They don’t happen on cue. I know if a “medium” feels something it is not what most people think is. These are feelings we all have them. You have managed to tap into them is all. With all due respect, I really don’t think you see dead people on cue. I am not saying that you never do; just not when producers want you too!

  15. NORMA JEANNE’s avatar

    I love this show “The Dead Files” It is just facinating. I never miss an episode. What I would like to know is, has Amy ever thought of doing a show where she collaborates with the people from “Ghost Adventures”? I would love to see everyones’ reaction to Amy telling them that she can see a person or creature and then have the Ghost Adventure crew try to communicate with what ever she sees. I like both shows, but I liked Dead Files better than any other show ever shown on this subject. There are so many trashy reality shows that waste a lot of channels, I am so glad that Dead Files is so popular. Maybe we will be able to watch a worth while show for a long time.

  16. Lisa Blackmon’s avatar

    I love your show you are always right on the money. My nephew was killed 5 years ago still don’t know anything who are why there’s no closer and that’s very painful . Our police have put forth no answers it’s like there not working on his case at all. Thank you for your show.

  17. Kimberly’s avatar

    Hi Amy!
    I knew he was your husband! I could tell by the way he looks at you! he adore’s you!!
    You are a beautiful couple inside and out!!
    Amy you have a good heart, a soul that long’s to help others! Thank you for being there for us all!!
    My Grandmother Christina has allways been with me! it seems as far back as I can remember! The first time that stands out the most vivid tho was when I was a little girl in catholic school and the Nun who was my teacher wouldnt acknowledge that I was making a X with my arms over my head(our way of silently letting the teacher know that we have to visit the Lav) Well she kept egnoring me and I urinated in my seat!! it was so horriable and so very embarrising!! well the nun came over to me and yanked me hard out of my chair and her hand was stopped by my Precious Grandmother Christina!!! the nun’s right hand yanked me out of my chair while her left hand was about to strike me and I saw my Grandmother stop her left hand! and the Nun gasped and tears filled her eyes!! she didnt see Christina!! But I surely did!!! also My Precious Mum visits alot I know when shes around because I can smell her Estee Lauder youth dew perfume!! and heres a really funny thing my Mum does if the toilet paper is empty on the roll thingie she makes the cardbord thats left from the roll go round and round until I put a new roll on it!! ha ha!! I know its my Mum because she allways told me Kimmy you must never ever be out of toilet paper!! Oh Amy were so very Blessed to be watched over by loved ones who have passed! Arent we? God Bless you Precious Girl!! Love your show Darlin Girl!! again Thank you Amy for being there for us all!! and Kiss that wonderful Husband of yours too!!! Kimberly, xoxoxxoo!!!!!

  18. James Ducarme’s avatar

    I watch her show as much as I can just to study how her gifts I to im a psychic medium and sensitive for a yr now and im still learning about it all the time and its like being in class watching a teacher do her thing and im the students allways learning . I absolutely love my gifts and love helping ppl connect with there loved ones and helping the dead cross over its an incredible feeling when u know u have helped and u get the warm and happy feeling from both the living and dead nothing can match it :-)

  19. Mark Allen’s avatar

    My wife discovered the show on Netflix. So far, it seems to me that it’s my favorite of these types of shows.

    Although I’ve seen the Hat Man (Shadow Being) standing over my sister’s bed when I was 10, and have had numerous other experiences, I’m not so sure the ‘ghosts’ are actual people, but maybe ‘impressions’ left at particular locations, or like poltergeist activity that is associated with the living more so than the dead.

    Actual encountered entities may well be non-human and evil, or angelic in nature. If you note NDE experiences reported today, most all report having no feeling of wanting anything to do with either their body or their life on earth.

  20. susan’s avatar

    amy, your show is terrific. I recently found out that I am an empath. I never liked to be touched as this makes me very anxious. I’ve discovered that I am just overwhelmed by the other person’s energy. Now, I am learning to control the reactions that I have to other’s touch. I still don’t know what to do with this “talent”. any suggestions?

  21. Amy’s avatar

    Love the show and the dynamic between Steve and Amy. I LOVED know Matt was your husband and picked up on too by the way he covered you in filming, I became curious to know if he was your husband by the way he cared for you during filming and it seemed in the early episodes he made a point to focus in on your wedding rings…clever Matt, also a sign of how much he loves and adores you. Back to the show…I always am amazed as they air the show kind of side by side with Steve’s investigation mirroring what you are learning on your own. The sketches blow my mind. Keep doing what your doing!

  22. Jo Zimny’s avatar

    I met Steve, your partner on Dead Files at the Albuquerque Airport yesterday. I had a lovely chat with him and he tells me you’re going to be filming here next. Welcome to the city, I hope you and Steve enjoy your stay while here.

    Jo Zimny

  23. Kelli Dreiss’s avatar

    I couldn’t even imagine what Miss Amy goes through on a daily basis, especially being a physical medium. I hope she has a long and healthy life.

    I have always been at ease with death except for family members who die. I’m a disaster then. lol The reason I was at ease was the fact that my grandparents were morticians and lived across the street from us. Their home was also their funeral home. I would walk in and see a body and that was it. I would look, touch and then go play. Some time before my grandmother died, she had complained of seeing people in her home. The doctors said she had some kind of midnight dementia (I don’t know what it’s called), but I just wonder sometimes if that was the case. She even called the sheriff’s department a few times and told them there were people in her living room. The sheriff would come and no one would be there. Grandma almost shot my daddy (her son) when he came to investigate also. The current owners of grandma’s house, at least the wife, has said some strange things have happened. I didn’t ask her about them. I guess I didn’t want to know.

    Grandma has long since been gone. I miss her very much. She was a very important person in my life.

    Also, I also noticed a picture I took in my parent’s living room. It had been years until I realized there were 7 orbs in the photo. This was quite strange to me and I don’t really know what orbs are. My grandchildren have orbs flying around them in the videos I take, circle ones and ones that look like bugs darting about.

    I just started watching Miss Amy’s show. I didn’t know anything about it until this year. I watch as often as I can but sometimes my husband hogs the TV. So, sometimes I watch episodes on my computer instead.

    Thank you for posting your interview with her.

  24. Marianne Quinn’s avatar

    First of all mr tweedle that was a fantastic interview. Amy I find your abilities extraordinary. I enjoy watching your show every week. Every Saturday night I get a cup tea my kitty cats and pups then I tell them it’s time for Amy and Steve, lol :D but more importantly I very much appreciate the fact that you do return to some of your clients and inform us as to how their wellbeings are staus post investigation. When they appear not to want to follow your much needed advise all I can do is say a prayer for their safety, especially when children are in the home. God Bless you, Matt and Steve may you all have a blessed healthy happy new year 🎉 Thank you travel channel for carrying this program

  25. Valerie’s avatar

    Daily I try to send energy and healing to the requests I see, and was very surprised to see Amy on my way. Usually it is just like going through a waterslide and I never see anything else but did this time. I did stop and back up to see Amy again and told her what I was doing and that it was nice to see her. She did seem to see me but did not respond. A reason for everything? I also offered up the healing energy to Amy as well. I do hope that she is well. I look forward to the show and am so amazed by what Amy can see. Good work Amy! Thank you for that nice surprise.

  26. Gabby’s avatar


    One thing I have learned from Amy is to respect those who have gone on before me. I used to watch the ghost hunter shows, but have no interest in them because, as I understand from Amy, so many are left reliving their death state. How can that not make you humble?

    It doesn’t matter whether I believe in ghosts or not. I’m not sure either way. Regardless, if there are things that go on after we pass, especially where poor victims are reexperincing the trauma that led to their death over and over again, then I get why Amy does the work that she does. She is as interested in helping them have peace, in whatever that means, as much as she is for those who are living. To me, she is earnest about helping wherever she can, which is clearly conveyed and definitely respected.

  27. Kedra’s avatar

    I hope that you update the interview or that Amy offers more detail on some of the business aspects she’s setting up, ie. when, where, how it’ll help/price for services, etc.

    I had a friend asking about Scarefest, if she does any readings, or if it’s just all one big assembly Q&A session, & another was searching to see if there’s a site where she takes questions for payment, & that info isn’t available as far as we can find it. There are an awful lot of people who have experienced loss or hauntings & they’re ALL looking for someone legit to answer questions, so if her business ever gets going, there are plenty who are interested in more information.

  28. Gary’s avatar

    I must say I am impressed with Amy’s abilities. I love that she does not come across as a fake, but instead seems to really be experiencing the various entities featured on the show. Yes, she appears on a TV show, so that will always be troubling to me, lol, but she does provide some thought provoking entertainment. Indeed, after hearing some of her tales of things that go bump in the night because they have not “gone into the light”, I think when that time comes for me that I will eagerly go into the light. Too many nasty things hanging around.

  29. Felicia ross’s avatar

    Amy I just love you and watch you all of the time faithfully. I have seen all of your shows. Steve is Hot too! Anyway I was googling your name and there are some hateful people out there that call you a fraud I call them scared of the thought that you and your work are real and things that go bump in the night exists. I commend you for coming out and using your abilities I am a sensitive and the few people I have told looked at me as if I were crazier so I can only imagine what you go through ! Keep up the awesome work and forget all the haters if they so called don’t believe you then why do they keep watching your show and to compare you to ghost adventures I mean really they are the biggest bunch of frauds and morons I can’t stand a second of that show! We love you can’t wait to see next season!

  30. Felicia ross’s avatar

    I wanted to add one more thing that makes me mad that I see a lot! For anyone requesting Amy’s help on the shows if you are going. To ask for her to come do a walk through and ask her advise then she gives it to you and you do absolutely nothing about it why bother I know it makes any irate just so they can try and get her help again when it’s way too late because they want to exploit the dead and have no idea what they are playing with! If that’s what your planning to do is nothing don’t waste Amy’s time stay at home with your ghost and watch the show!!!!!!!

  31. Sue Wegloski’s avatar

    What do you see/feel, when you open your mind and or body up? Do you think your reading faces invoice e ppl also? How do you prepare yourself before your walks, to keep you safe but open to things? Do you believe in God? A lot of questions, I know. Very curious. How long did it take you and how did you know how to use your gift to help others?
    Sincerely, Sue Wegloski-58 yo, f.
    PS- Love your empathy toward others!

  32. gina buschke’s avatar

    I have a close friend that has recently become an artist but he never drew before the last place he lived he has documented (film) of an enity walking passed his girlfriend and a film of a chalk drawing thati believe changes during film, Since then he has drawn many drawings of faces in matter old history battles and scarry enities thast justamaze me. its like he dosent even have to look at drawing , he just scribbles and when finished he has detailed drawings of all kinds of spirits , chained up , trapped or fighting , there is one main charactor that comes out alot. The film he took with his camera of the spirit walking by got the attention of a paranormal group here localy but after they filtered it and did a still picture right as its walking by the spirit has wings but not angel like more like that of a gargoyle. the guys came to house and set up equipment in the middle of the night . he never heard from them again and when he would email their website they would erase it and ignore his calls i think they were scared. anyway he wants to sell these paintings of all kinds ink,chalk, pencil,crayon, he has drawn some amazing stuff . he has given me permission to seek oput what this is and how does he do it . perhaps get some answers. is it possible they or it has followed him and still draws through him please contact me if you have any suggestions or answers thank you Gina Buschke 503-875-3706 portland oregon

  33. Karen’s avatar

    I have watched this show since 2013,, one time I was alone watching it and it freaked me out so much. I. Watch it every Saturday night at 11:00 and 12:00. I love the show its very real. Never cancel this show. I love it!!!

  34. Kevin Crockett’s avatar

    Wonderful show! I watch them all and Dead Files is by far the best. I guess the main thing I like is, Amy and Steve actually help people, not just go in and stir things up then leave, like most shows do. It’s good to know they’re there for people who have nowhere else to turn. Thank you guys so much! Keep up the good work!

  35. Shannon Clayton’s avatar

    First off I think the show is awesome! Amy you are a gift from God! I am curious though about you religious thoughts. How does your gift impact your religious beliefs? What religion do you consider your self? Do you communicate with the angels often? Do they protect you more than most people because you have this gift? Do you get any messages from God directly to do something or to help someone? What do you think about Catholic’s? I’m catholic and they teach us not to get spiritual advice from mediums but I have to say that I think God gives you this gift to do good things with so I feel it’s not bad to at least ask you some questions? Are you scared to die? Last question: what can we do to make sure no evil spirits can trap us and keep us stuck on earth from crossing over to heaven when we pass?

  36. Penny Tucker’s avatar

    Amy have I ever enjoyed watching, I have been a gifted person since I was a child, I ignored it for years it made me very very ill, I stopped ignoring it meaning my gift and I feel much better and I’m trying to do good things with it as I go along and I understand what exactly it is I can do and say you’re an awesome person for doing what you do enjoy your shows very much thank you Penny Tucker

  37. Robin gray’s avatar

    Amy you have a wonderful gift. And you use it for good. I love your show . You guys work good togeather.

  38. Zach Zakahi’s avatar

    I was pretty skeptical of all the new ghost and paranormal television shows that have been popping up lately. I liked the Ghost Files when I first watched it. After a few episodes I became skeptical because it was almost too bizaare. It took me about 6 more episodes to think “Holy Shit”, this show is probably REAL.
    I’m a pretty logical, science based person so I am pretty blown away by the Dead Files. I would have taken it for strickly entertaiment if I didn’t watch enough of it.
    Ghost Adventures is just silly and a disservice to the Dead Files and A Haunting Of (Kim Russo).
    My take on Ghost Adventures with Zak Bagen is the show got started and needed material to continue. So a few episodes may be legitimate but a lot of stuff NEEDED to happen to make more episode. It serves its purpose.
    Love the Dead Files!!! Crazy, Crazy stuff… I actually get the chills watching it alone.

  39. Robert Joosten’s avatar

    Amy and Steve I am addicted to your show, being a retired police officer I understand just what Steve is doing and why. And Amy your gift or curse which ever you may call it is amazing.
    I always get a kick out of ghost Adventures these guys act so tough and when something happens they pee their pants, also they give no one an answer to their problem. That is what I like best about your show (you give people answers) and we can see the relief they get.
    Keep up the good work and best of luck to both of you…..Bob

  40. midnight’s avatar

    Huge fan .. Much Love in all you do


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