Hey Kids! Comics!: Emma T. Capps Talks “The Chapel Chronicles”

Chapel Smith and Rupert, the stars of Emma T. Capps’ brilliant on-line comic “The Chapel Chronicles.”

I don’t like to throw around the word “prodigy.”  It sets the bar of expectation way too high, and in today’s disposable culture, those who are called a prodigy rarely lasts the test of time.  However, if ever I were to pin the term “prodigy” on anyone it would be sixteen year old Emma T. Capps.  One of the most gifted and clever cartoonists that has ever crossed my pop culture radar, Emma is the mastermind behind the on-line comic strip The Chapel Chronicles, which she created and has continued on a weekly basis since she was fourteen years old.   With an advanced understanding of the art of comics, Emma has managed to stay neck to neck with her older contemporaries by not just creating and marketing her own original character, but has put out her first collected volume of The Chapel Chronicles, teaches workshops on cartooning for kids, has been a cartoonist in residence at the Charles M. Schulz Museum, and most recently became the youngest person ever to be published by Dark Horse Comics when an original Chapel comic strip ran in Dark Horse Presents #25.  Not too bad for a girl who doesn’t even have her driver’s license yet!

At sixteen years old Emma T. Capps is the comic industry’s youngest professional. Creating “The Chapel Chronicles” at age fourteen, Emma recently became the youngest person ever to be published by Dark Horse Comics when a Chapel strip appeared in “Dark Horse Comics Presents #25.”

The Chapel Chronicles is a slice of life panel strip focusing on an eccentric eleven year old girl named Chapel Smith.  With her long red hair pulled back into pony tales and wearing the same simple black dress every day, Chapel has a love for literature, art, science fiction, Lady Gaga, hats and her pet hedgehog Rupert.  Through Chapel’s weekly musings, Emma Capps creates a world that is both innocent and sophisticated at the same time.  Chapel’s world is bright, positive and charming, and has themes and insights that manage to cross the age barrier, appealing to both the all ages audience it is aimed at, as well as older readers who can manage to find a little of themselves in Chapel Smith.  Updated every Friday, The Chapel Chronicles is available for all to enjoy at http://chapelchronicles.com.

When I first discovered The Chapel Chronicles I became instantly captivated by the strip and read the entire run in a matter of days.  Via her clever wit, attention to detail and fun Easter eggs in her drawings, I knew that it’s a matter of time before Emma Capps is the next big thing in the comic world.  I mean, she’s already created a buzz and powerful people in the industry are watching.  I knew that I had to get on board before she became too famous to return my phone calls.  High energy, well-spoken and wise beyond her years, I found Emma to be as delightful as her comic characters, and quickly realized that this isn’t a kid playing at being a cartoonist.  This is a talented young woman who has discovered her true calling in life, making her the comic industry’s youngest professional.



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