Hasselin’ the Hoff: A Conversation with David Hasselhoff

Actor, singer, sex symbol and pop culture icon, David Hasselhoff is worth waiting for!

A group of pop culture fans are waiting for David Hasselhoff to arrive to Toronto’s Fan Expo.  He is going on three hours late for his scheduled arrival.  At this point most of those in the line that formed in anticipation of his appearance have long gone, deciding to enjoy the first day of the gigantic four-day convention, leaving just a handful of people continuing to wait.  Things are getting tense.  While some people can find the humor in waiting for David Hasselhoff to arrive for three hours, others are getting rather annoyed.  But, at this point in time, with so many hours invested into waiting for the Hoff nobody was about to walk away.  Instead, a bond was formed by the small group waiting, each sharing stories in order to pass the time.

So why would anybody wait for three hours to meet David Hasselhoff?  Well, quite frankly, the Hoff has become a pop culture legend.  Star of Knight Rider and Baywatch, David Hasselhoff has been a sex symbol, an international recording artist and a cultural icon with seemingly little effort.  A hero to children at the best of times, to eating a hamburger on YouTube at the worst of times, everything Hasselhoff does, whether it is good or bad, becomes legendary.  But part of the secret to his success is the fact that David Hasselhoff seems to have a firm understanding about the nature of his fame.  Unpretentious and with a wink and a nod, David Hasselhoff never claimed to be the next Sir Laurence Olivier or Elvis Presely.  He just seems to be constantly out there, making pop culture happen and having a great time doing it.

“I kind of laugh at everything, and I surround myself with kids. I try to do as much television or film that will appeal to kids, because kids have a pulse on it.”

So after hours of waiting, and as tensions hit their boiling point, David Hasselhoff finally arrived at Fan Expo with a large wave, a giant smile and an loud greeting to all around.  No matter how upset the fans were, suddenly all seemed to be forgotten now that Hasselhoff was here.  Was he worth the wait?  Oh yes.  Hasselhoff doesn’t disappoint. 

I waited for three hours to talk to David Hasselhoff.  I got five minutes in return, but every minute of it was pure gold.  Hasselhoff is the man!

Sam Tweedle:  Hi Dave.

David Hasselhoff:  How you doing, brother? You good?

Sam:  Are you enjoying your stay in Toronto?

David:  I have.  I had a blast today.  We went up on the zip line at the CNE and bought a few health machines, and a massage machine for working out.  We’re having a good time.  Toronto’s a good city.

Sam:  I want to ask you something I think is very important: you seem to be a guy who has a really good sense of humor about your iconic status.  How do you maintain that outlook?

David Hasselhoff on the red carpet with Spongebob Sqaurepants at the premier of The Spongebob SquarepantsMovie (2004) in which he made a cameo as himself: “when I did Spongebob, it just opened up a whole world to me.”

David:  You know what?  I kind of laugh at everything, and I surround myself with kids.  I try to do as much television or film that will appeal to kids, because kids have a pulse on it.  Like when I did Spongebob, it just opened up a whole world to me.  As long as I keep that sense of awe.

Sam:  Do you find that easy to do?

David:  I’m dating a girl now that I enjoy showing the world to; I kind of see the world through her eyes, because I’ve been around, but when I see it and then I say, “I want to show you this,” then I appreciate it [over again].

Sam:  As a kid growing up you were such a huge icon to my generation.  As an adult I can appreciate and see how you’d have an appeal to kids.

Dave:  I saw James Hong in the hotel today.  He’s 84 years old, and I’m freaking out.  He’s actually carrying his own luggage to his room because he didn’t want to wait for the porter.  I’m thinking, “Look at this guy!”  That’s what I want to be:  I want to be 84 and still doing this.

In our short visit I got a glimpse of just how David Hasselhoff has managed to maintain his status in the pop culture arena.  First and foremost, he has a positive vibe that he gives out: there doesn’t seem to be any cynicism or negativity about the guy.  He is good-natured, friendly and open.  He shakes your hand with a firm handshake and he looks you in the eye when he talks with you.  He seems fully engaged with his fans, and has a sense of positivity and playfulness in his interactions with people.  Simply put, David Hasslehoff comes off as being a great guy, which is probably the reason that people continue to work with him.  One of pop culture’s biggest icons, David Hasselhoff’s legend continues to live on.

  1. Dawn’s avatar

    WOW that was short! I remember him as Snapper on Y&R. His character would visit the Sault. I did like Knight Rider.

  2. Marco A. S. Freitas’s avatar

    Great you´ve asked The Hoff about his attitude of allowing himself to be made fun of and enjoying laughing at hilself.
    He IS very cool


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