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Happy Easter from PCA!

Happy Easter!  I guess this is technically Good Friday.  Now I always get the different days of Easter sort of confused.  There’s Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday and then a bunch of days in between all of those.  Well, whatever the case, I get a few days off of work, eat lots of chocolate and watch Jesus Christ Superstar on TV.  Not really a bad deal.  Still, I have never figured out how a giant magical rabbit that hides chocolate candy eggs represents the assassination of Jesus…but whatever.  I’m not one to argue with tradition.  Just bring on the chocolate!

Anyhow, over the last month regular readers have probably noticed that we have sort of got off track with the regular features in favor for weekly, and in most cases, twice-weekly interviews!  The reason for this is simple.  This spring I have done more celebrity interviews at PCA then ever before!  We have a batch more coming together in the weeks to come, and still more in the process of being negotiated.  However, I want to give a quick shout out of thanks to the editing team here at PCA.  A big thanks goes out to Cynthia Hill, Nicole Grady, Em Fox, Breanna MacLeoud, Aaron Alford, Kathleen Lang, and Kristine Williams who have really come through for me to make me look like I’m not completely illiterate.  These folks are the unsung heroes of PCA and really rallied around me and have been a huge help in keeping things move smoothly during this busy time.  Thanks so much everyone.  You have no idea how much I really appreciate the work you’ve done for PCA over the last month. 

PCA is teaming up with IndiePix to bring you an alternative to this summer's lackluster Hollywood blockbuster season!

So listen up everyone!  I want to tell you about a fantastic brand new film streaming service that I’ve recently become aware of, and you know that if I’m standing behind something that it has to be worth taking a look at.  It seems these days that Hollywood has run out of ideas.  In a world full of remakes, sequels and franchises, fewer and fewer original stories seem to be making its way to the big screen.  A big part of this is the fact that the major studios don’t seem to want to take any risks on films that don’t have a built in audience already.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t imaginative and creative people still taking risks and telling new stories.  The independent film industry is still alive and thriving and as creative as ever.  The only problem is that for many of us we don’t have access to these films unless we live in major cities or in towns that host the film festival circuit.  These films don’t find their way to our cities, and due to the nature of mass media, they rarely cross our cultural radar.  Well, New York based company IndiePix is out to change that.  Established in 2004, IndiePix has been one of the biggest supporters of independent films and filmmakers in the industry today.   As one of the leading distributors of independent films in North America, IndiePix not only gives 50% of the proceeds to DVD sales back to the filmmakers, but have also financially supported small filmmakers in finishing their projects.  Now, alongside their on-line store offering thousands of DVDs to film buffs, IndiePix has started a brand new streaming service, christened IndiePix Unlimited, so serious movie watchers can instantly get these award winning, yet often unavailable, films instantly on their computer screen!  Upon its launch early this week IndiePix had uploaded 200 films to their new service and have promised that by the early summer that the number will rise to 500 films.  IndiePix is offering a one month free trial, and then the service will be available at the low price of $7.95 a month.  That’s cheaper then a night out at the movies, and you’ll most likely find something far more original and inspiring that will stick with you much longer then the latest rom-com, super hero sequel or Adam Sandler knee slapper.  With a lack luster summer of blockbusters on the horizon, IndiePix Unlimited is a welcomed relief from an increasingly uninspired Hollywood.  Don’t know where to begin?  Well don’t worry because PCA is going to be committed to reviewing films from IndiePix’s vast catalogue all summer long.  Stay tuned to this space for information on the great films being offered via IndiePix and available through IndiePix Unlimited, and visit  http://www.indiepixunlimited.com/ to sign up.  I truly stand behind the services provided by IndiePix.  You will not be disappointed.  Remember that independent films are essential to the continuation of the pop culture journey. 

"My Three Sons" is coming to PCA!

Finally, I have a HUGE announcement to make.  This could be one of the coolest interview announcements that I’ve made in a long while.  My Three Sons is coming to PCA!  Not one son.  Not two sons!  Over the winter I interviewed THREE SONS from the classic sit-com starring Fred MacMurray who shared their individual stories and memories from My Three Sons and beyond with PCA!  Throughout May and June PCA will be featuring interviews with Don Grady, Stanley Livingston and Barry Livingston!  This is an amazing devlopment for our continuing series of oral histories of the entertainment industry.  Don, Stan and Barry each give their own personal and distinctivly different insights on one of the longest running, and most beloved, sit-come in television history!

Don Grady is coming to PCA in May!

First up is Don Grady who played sensible brother Robbie Douglas.  Starting his career in show business as one of Walt Disney’s Mousketeers on The Mickey Mouse Club  (Don’s interview will also be the third of PCA’s trilogy of Mickey Mouse Club interviews alongside Lonnie Burr and Cubby O’Brien), Don played the role of Robbie for the next ten seasons on My Three Sons.  Over the series, viewers watched Don grow up from a teenager to a husband and eventually a father of three sons of his own.  However, Don’s first love was always music and today he is still active in the entertainment industry as a successful composer of film and television scores.  Don talks to us about The Mickey Mouse Club, My Three Sons and his life in music in our interview.

Stanley Livingston is coming to PCA in May!

Next is Stanley Livingston who played youngest brother Chip Douglas.  The only brother who lasted the entire run of My Three Sons, Stanley started his acting career on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet before taking on eleven seasons of My Three Sons.  Starting on the show as the scrappy youngest son to moody teenager and finally young married man, only Stanley and Fred MacMurray lasted through the entire run of what would go down in history as being the second longest running sit-com in television history.  After My Three Sons Stanley turned his attention to directing and, as head of his own production company, has made a career out of filming commercials.  However, these days Stanley has spearheaded a larger project.  Collecting advice and stories from some of the biggest icons in entertainment history, Stanley has put together an eight volume DVD series called The Actors Journey, giving practical advice and teaching tools for people serious about getting into the business.  Stanley talks about his career before and after My Three Sons and The Actors Journey in our upcoming interview. 

Barry Livingston is coming to PCA in June!

Finally we talk to Barry Livingston who played adopted youngest brother Ernie Douglas.  After oldest brother Tim Considine, in the role of Mike Douglas, decided to leave the series, a replacement was needed because you just couldn’t have two sons on a show called My Three Sons.  That’s when Stanley Livingston’s real life younger brother, Barry Livingston, stepped up to plate to play the wisecracking kid in the thick glasses.  However, out of the four brothers from My Three Sons, Barry would prove to have the longest career in front of the camera.  Still a popular character actor, Barry has made recent appearances in shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Mad Men, Two and a Half Men and The Event and also had a role in last year’s Oscar winning film The Social Network and will be featured in the much anticipated Hostel: Part III.  Currently working on an autobiography, The Importance of Being Ernie, which is to be released in book stores this fall, Barry Livingston gives a very open and honest “alternative” look at My Three Sons and his career in Hollywood!

I am very proud to be bringing the stars of My Three Sons to PCA.  Look for their individual stories throughout May and June.

That’s all for today friends.  I got a lot of work to get to in order to make this crazy journey continue.  Enjoy your Easter weekend friends.

Stay tuned because there is more to come.

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