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My Baby Has a Crush on Frankenstein: A Conversation with “Eternal Romance’s” Janet L. Hetherington

Two weeks ago we stopped regular PCA features and let my long time friend Janet L. Hetherington take center stage as she reported back to us from the San Diego International Comic Convention.  Her articles and insights were a big hit, drawing a number of huge spikes in PCA’s daily numbers and attracting a number of new readers to our pages.  However, over the last few weeks I’ve received a number of e-mails from regular readers asking who Janet Hetherington is.

One of my favorite people, I first met Janet ten years ago at one of FanExpo’s earliest conventions.  It was so early that it wasn’t even called FanExpo back then (I’m not sure what it was actually called).  Contributing writer for Claypool’s long running Elvira comic book and artist for the independent gothic romance comic strip Eternal Romance, which combined the romance and horror comics from the 1950’s, I was seduced by Janet’s art of DC super heroines.  Over the yeas that have followed I have formed a solid friendship with Janet and her partner Ronn Sutton, artist of the long running Elvira comic and Moonstone’s upcoming Honey West book, which has been sealed with a mutual love for comics, music, art, film and all things pop culture.  Janet and Ronn have been a constant source of information and support throughout the last five years as I’ve been chronicling the pop culture journey.

In 2007 Janet’s Eternal Romance was serialized as a weekly web-comic via  To help promote the return of Eternal Romance PCA featured a full interview with Janet, who talked about her comic strip and her life long love for the comic industry. 

Janet Hetherington's original character Destine, the vampire host of her independent romance/horror comic "Eternal Romance"

Today from the PCA Archive we represent our 2006 interview with Janet L. Hetherington.  Come and get to know the woman behind our San Diego reports just a bit better.  BTW – Janet has some left over bits and pieces from San Diego yet to come, and will be continued to be featured at PCA.  We are very lucky to have Janet on board and look forward to hearing her insights and information in the weeks to come.

For more information on Janet’s work visit Janet’s web-site at and her blog @ Best Destiny!


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