This Week at PCA: Kristin Booth

Canadian actress Kristin Booth has been maintaing two separate careers on both sides of the border – both as an independent film favorite and finding success in American productions.

One of Canada’s most versatile actresses, Kristin Booth is a woman living in two different worlds: as a Gemini Award-winning actress and a favourite face at the Toronto International Film Festival, Kristin has secured a firm foothold in the Canadian film industry while also maintaining a strong presence in the American entertainment industry.  A fixture in the Canadian entertainment scene since the mid 1990’s, a big part of Kristin’s early success was a result of the strong Hollywood presence in Toronto, which allowed her to build an impressive resume in big budget American productions such as Detroit Rock City, Gossip, On the Line and Cruel Intentions 2.  Back home in Canada, Kristin Booth has made a name for herself for appearances in a number of critically-acclaimed independent films such as Foolproof (opposite Ryan Reynolds), Young People Fucking, The Beautiful City and Cloudburst.

But it was last year that Kristin Booth made her biggest splash on both sides of the border when she was cast as American royalty in the six part television mini-series The Kennedys.  In the role of Ethel Kennedy, the widow to Senator Robert “Bobby” Kennedy, Kristin had the distinct task of portraying the last surviving member of the Kennedy inner circle.  Appearing alongside Barry Pepper, Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes, Kristin’s performance as Ethel helped boost her profile in the US, as well as garnish a great deal of press due to the controversial nature of the series.

Kristin made her first voyage into the world of horror by appearing in the thriller Below Zero which had a successful run on the horror film festival circuit.  Co-starring horror legend Michael Berryman, Below Zero is a story within a story, allowing Kristin to play multiple roles.  An intense thriller with garish cinematography, Below Zero has been embraced by the horror press, and became the underground cult film of 2012.  Furthermore, Kristin has another film, Sex After Kids, on the horizon.  Ironically, the film was made right after Kristin gave birth to her first child, making it even more relevant to her personal story.

Last fall I had the pleasure of talking to Kristin about her most recent projects, and about her success in The Kennedy’s.  Funny and charismatic, Kristin Booth is as lovely to talk to as she is to watch on the screen.  From the high society of US politics, to the cold terror of a meat locker, Kristin Booth brought me into her world, and shared with me how she manages to keep a career in two parallel entertainment industries.

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