In the pop culture journey, there’s some stuff that just doesn’t jive with any particular genre or  medium.  Here, Sam explores the mascot and spokemodels, commercials and cats’ opinions and brings to light stories that often slip through the cracks because they don’t fit anywhere else.  Remember Murphy the Molar?  Grimace?  The girl whpo drank Doctor Pepper?  Sam does, and he makes sure that these interesting stories aren’t forgotten.

Schlitze the Pinhead: One of Us!  One of Us!

For the love of Yoko: A reexamination and appreciation of Yoko Ono

Often blamed for the breakup of one of the most beloved and influential pop bands of all time, Yoko Ono is in reality an unsung hero whose message of peace and love has been consistent despite the backlash.

The Evolution of the Grimace: Criminal mastermind or lovable fool?

What is Grimace? Sam clears up the question (as much as possible) and goes on to examine the history of the Grimace character, uncovering some surprising early information that bears little resemblance to the lovable purple something-or-other that he’s grown to become in recent years.

Donna Loren: The Girl Who Drank Dr. Pepper

Whatever Happened to Catherine Clark?: Bringing Sexy Back to Canadian Politics

  1. Linda Boileau’s avatar

    A fabulous website, Sam! Like being turned loose in pop culture Heaven!Keep it up!

  2. Rob Andrews’s avatar

    Great website, Sam. A real trip down ”memory lane’.

    Did you ever thing about doing a story about the late TINY TIM. (1932-1996) He had a novelty act during the late 1960s–in case you’ve never heard of him. Tiny is best known for his renditions of 1920s songs; especially ‘Tip-Toe Through the Tulips’.


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