The Other Guy From Wham!

Although it will never be regarded as being the most innovated or creative decade, there is no denying that the 1980’s has become the one of the most cherished and beloved decades for pop music.  Fusing together the disco and new wave sounds from the 1970’s, a new brand of pop music emerged in the early part of the decade.  Fun, bouncy and up beat, the music of the 1980’s easily mirrored the times itself – superficial, shallow and stylish.  However, behind all the hairspray, shoulder pads and one hit wonders, some of the most memorable, singable and danceable music was produced.  As a result we can’t help but love the music of the 1980’s.  It may not have had the political relevance of the 1960’s or the raw creativity of the 1970’s, but the music of the 1980’s continues to live on in ways that defies the most hardened music critics expectations.

During this new age of hedonistic pop music, a second coming of the British Invasion hit American shores.  This time, instead of bands with raw talent like the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Animals and The Who changing the face of music forever, England sent a new style of musical ambassadors in the form of pretty white boys whose hair were often better then their songs.  Groups like Duran Duran, The Culture Club, The Petshop Boys and Spandeau Ballet were riding high on the new sound of 80’s pop.  Of course, one of the most popular, and most successful of these groups were pop duo Wham!  Hitting American shores in 1984 with their dance club standard Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, Wham! introduced the world to twenty-one year old music sensation George Michael who would go on to be one of the most successful musicians to ever come out of the British Isles.  With his good looks, tight jeans and fluffy hair, George Michael became the voice and face of Wham!, and wrote an impressive eight Billboard top ten hits for the group.  By the middle of the 1980’s Wham! was on top of the world, and it looked like there was no stopping George Michael and…uh…um…y’know.  That other guy.

And thus lays the pop culture appeal of Wham!  You see, we all remember the songs, the videos, the Choose Life shirts and, of course, George Michael.  However, alongside George was this other dude.  A dark haired fresh faced youngster who shared the videos, the publicity shots, the fame and the good name of Wham!  But…who the hell was he and what in the world did he do?

Well, his name was Andrew Ridgley and he has become one of the most curious oddities in pop culture history.   The world has hardly forgotten him.  We all remember him being there, but just who he was, what he did and what became of him is a far more abstract question.  In fact, his presence on the pop culture journey has seemed to have become an inside joke to pop culture fans worldwide.  Andrew Ridgley has become the poster child for the “other member of the duo who didn’t make it.”  As George Michael’s fame grew bigger and brighter, Andrew Ridgley quietly took the wrong turn on the pop culture journey somewhere between Monaco and Los Angeles and entered an abyss where people couldn’t even remember his name.

So who was Andrew Ridgley.  Was he the biggest coat tail rider in pop culture history?  An argument can be made for that but in reality, while George Michael was writing and singing Wham!’s  biggest hits, Andrew Ridgley was….well…y’know…he was busy doing…uh….stuff.

So come and let’s figure out Andrew Ridgley – who he was, what he did, and what became of him as



Andrew Ridgley will never be remembered for being the greatest pop musician of all time, nor will he ever be remembered as anything but the guy behind George Michael.  This is just the unfortunate way that the pop culture journey played itself out.  No, Andrew Ridgley never sang lead on any of Wham!’s hits, and his song writing credits are rare and in between, and always shared with George Michael.  He possibly played a bit of guitar on some of the recordings, but the guitar was more likely played by a session guitarist by the name of Hugh Burns.  He wasn’t the idol, the front man, the singer or the writer.  However, despite all the things he was not, without Andrew Ridgley there most likely would have never been a George Michael nor a Wham!  You see, it takes a lot of support, creativity and vision to make it to the top, and while George Michael may have been the talent of Wham!, Andrew Ridgley was the one with the vision.  The Wham!  that we remember today, not to mention the groundwork for George Michael’s early public persona was all was a result of Andrew Ridgley’s ability to think outside of the box. 

Andrew Ridgley first met George Michael as a student at Bushey Meads High School in Bushey, Hertfordshire.  In the early days they were an odd pair.  Andrew was the good looking, confident, popular and stylish of the pair, while George was chubby and shy with an acne problem.  However, through his mother, who was one of the most feared teachers in the school, Andrew was given the chore of taking George Michael under his wing.  It was in this forced pairing that Andrew and George learnt that they had something in common.  They both had a love and passion for music.  George was a talented song writer and musician while Andrew…well…. Andrew liked to listen to it.  Andrew knew that, together, George and he had what it took to be a pop star.  I mean, George was an incredible song writer and a capable singer, and Andrew could dance and look good.   So together, Andrew and George formed a ska band called The Executive.  Andrew took it upon himself to teach George how to style his hair, how to dress, how to have that winning personality and how to be charismatic on stage.  I mean, if Andrew was going to look good, George was going to have to as well.  Within months Andrew had successfully turned George Michael from a nerdy introvert into a charismatic lead singer   The Exectuive didn’t continue past graduation, but Andrew and George’s thirst for pop stardom continued.  With George’s musical talent and Andrew’s ability to look good the pair started a new pop duo called Wham! around 1981  Andrew, naturally, came up with the name.

In the early part of their career, Wham! had a far different image then the one that we remember today in North America.  Decked out in leather, George Michael played the role of confrontational rebel who was out to corrupt nancy boy Andrew Ridgley.  In reality, it was probably the other way around.  But in this persona, Wham! began to climb the charts with a series of hedonistic semi-political songs such as Wham! Rap, about not conforming to parent’s expectations, Young Guns (Go For It), about not settling down and getting married, and Club Tropicana, about the elitism of the London Club scene. 

 However, as the fashion and cultural scene of British pop was changing to a more superficial and up beat tempo, Andrew realized that the major top forty success that they desired would not be achieved if they continued along the path they were going down.  The audience did not want another angry, controversial and edgy pop band.  They wanted pretty and sparkly things, nonsensical singable lyrics and something that you could dance to.  Andrew went to George with a new vision.  He believed that Wham! needed to drop the leather, drop the anger and up the fluffy.  At first George was reluctant but Andrew always knew what he was talking about.  He never let George down before.

One morning George came upon a note that Andrew had written for his parents asking them to “wake him up up before you go go.”  Andrew had accidentally written the word “up” twice, so continued the mistake with a pair of “go” deliberately.  Well George heard a song in there and knew that these were the lyrics that would usher in the new friendlier face of Wham! that Andrew had envisioned.  Dressed in Katherine Hammet t-shirts, fluorescent beach wear and smiles as big as their bangs, a new Wham! appeared in the video to Wake Me Up Before You Go Go with huge success.  With style winning over substance due to the popularity of MTV, American fans finally became exposed to Wham! for the first time and fell in love with the duo.  Wham!’s second album, Make It Big, literally made it big, and went gold in the US.  George Michael quickly became an 80’s sex symbol.  Meanwhile Andrew Ridgley was seen in the video playing guitar and saxophone, giving the allusion that he actually did something musical on the song.

Upon conquering America, Wham!’s popularity increased dramatically.  Now in demand for interviews, press  and public appearances, Andrew was put in charge as being the spokesperson for Wham!  The idea was that George would write the songs while Andrew would deal with the public.  Traditionally, Andrew was the more charismatic and well spoken of the pair.  However, by being the voice and face of Wham! the public became more and more interested in George instead of Andrew.  They wanted to know what he had to say and as his confidence as a performer, song writer and public figure grew, George naturally began to eclipse Andrew.  The public’s interest in George Michael was evident when Wham!’s next single, Careless Whisper, was released as “Wham! featuring George Michael.”  The irony was that Andrew Ridgeley had actually co-wrote that one! 

The next two years would be a whirl wind of excitement for the pair.  World tours, Band Aid, Live Aid, Red China and another seven hit single’s met the duo with heaps of success.  However, the tides were changing and every good thing must come to an end.  As George Michael continued to grow as a song writer and a performer, he no longer desired to do the brand of pop that Andrew had built the image of Wham! around.  George had a vision for the next stage of his career and Andrew Ridgeley was not in it.  After years of being primed and shaped for success by Andrew, George Michael finally had the confidence and knowledge to strike out on his own.  Thus, in 1986, George and Andrew announced they would be going their separate ways.  The pair did one last sold out farewell concert at Wembley Stadium that June, and thus ended the end of a pop era.

At first there was public animosity between the pair.  George, who was busy working on his landmark solo debut, Faith, spoke harshly of the superficiality of Wham!’s image.  Meanwhile, Andrew was bitter that George had left him behind because, lets face it folks, Andrew had just lost his bread and butter.  Having never sang nor written a successful pop song in his entire life, what was Andrew to do?  The answer – move to Monaco and become a Formula Three race car driver!  I mean, isn’t that what all pop stars at a crossroads in their careers do?  Makes perfect sense to me! Unfortunately, Andrew was a terrible race car driver, and after crashing a number of cars, thus preventing him from gaining any sponsorship, he realized that he had best move on to something else before he ran out of money or died, whatever came first.  Andrew moved to Los Angeles hoping to make a career in music and acting, but instead spent his time drinking and chasing women.  During his brief time in Los Angeles he never put out a recording nor had a single film or television credit.  While George Michael was burning up the charts with I Want Your Sex, Father Figure and Freedom, Andrew Ridgeley was quickly fading into obscurity.  With his tail between his legs, Andrew returned to England in 1990.

However, he wasn’t returning to England to nothing.  There to greet him was old flame Keren Woodward, former singer for British girls group Bananarama.  Keren and Andrew had met during Andrew’s Wham! days when Karen was set up on a date with George as a publicity stunt by a British teen magazine.  However, with George being gay and all, nothing came of it and, instead, she set her sights on the other guy from Wham!  Staying in contact with Keren during his time abroad, the pair resumed their romance upon Andrew’s return to England.  In Keren Andrew found a friend, a confident and someone who shared his experience of a brief time at the top of the pop charts.  Keren herself knew the taste of fleeting fame all to well, and as a result they could relate to one another.  Thus, after years of trying to find himself, Andrew Ridgeley was finally ready to settle down.

Yet it wouldn’t be the last the music world heart from Andrew Ridgeley and upon his return Andrew decided he’d give the pop scene one last try.  I mean, Andrew basically created George Michael.  There was no reason he couldn’t make it too.  Thus, in 1990 Andrew, along with his brother Paul, recorded Andrew’s first solo album titled Son of Albert.  Actually making a go at writing and singing for the first time, Son of Albert relied more on drum and guitar then the pop sounds of Wham! Releasing a single titled Red Dress, Andrew awaited chart success.  It never came.  Nobody bought the album.  Perhaps too much time had passed while Andrew was trying to find himself after the breakup of Wham!  However lets face it.  Andrew Ridgeley was never the creative force behind the music of Wham!  The guy may have created the look and the image of the band and he may have made George Michael what he became, but music just was never Andrew Ridgeley’s bag.  So, after the failure of Son of Albert Andrew finally said “Fuck it” and decided it was finally time to throw in the towel.  Obviously he was never meant to be a pop singer.  Yet, still having money from his Wham! days, paired with Keren’s money from her time in Bananarama, the couple really never had to work again.  So, in 1996, Keren and Andrew, along with Keren’s six year old son Thomas, bought a 15th Century farm near Cornwall, England.  However, another opportunity would come to Andrew to finally put his energy into something worthwhile, and for the first time, something real.  After a surfing trip with his brother in the mid 90’s, Andrew and Paul contacted a waterbone illness due to raw sewage that was being dumped into the beach.  Upon recovering from his illness, Andrew went to The Times with his story, and became a vocal environmentalist and crusader for water quality.  Ridgeley became a member of Surfers Against Sewage, which dedicates itself to cleaning up England’s beaches and making the public aware of the dangers of sewage near public beaches. Andrew is still involved with Surfers Against Sewage today.

These days Andrew lives a quite life where he divides his time between surfing, golfing and going to the pub.  His days with Wham! are long gone.  However, does the fact that he will forever be remembered as nothing more then ‘the other guy from Wham!” mean that he failed?  While Andrew lives a quite and comfortable life off of the money that he made during his heyday as a pop star, George Michael has fallen from grace in the last decade.  His much publicized arrest for masturbating in front of a cop in a Beverly Hills men’s washroom, followed by his arrest for drug possession, has shown a dark side of how fame leads to excess and that perhaps being in the public eye isn’t always a blessing.  I mean, which life seems more attractive?  George Michael’s suddenly seedy life full of drugs, liqour and tabloids, not to mention the fact that he has been unable to get a hit song on the charts for years, or Andrew Ridgeley’s quite life, living off the millions he made in music, where he lives a peaceful life with a woman he loves.  In my opinion, Andrew’s normal life suddenly looks pretty appealing compared to George Michael’s.  When put in that perspective, I’d much rather be the other guy from Wham!

However, there are no such things as has beens in the pop culture journey.  Fame is forever, and while Andrew Ridgeley’s contribution to pop music may be a bit more abstract then the obvious contribution of George Michael, he will always hold on to the legacy of being part of one of the most popular pop bands of the 1980’s.  Who cares if he didn’t really do much?  Who cares if we can’t remember his name?  The bottom line is, alone, George Michael is only George Michael.  It takes Andrew Ridgeley to make them Wham!

  1. Sharon Brooks’s avatar

    U r so liked by me. i looked at u being the sexiest out of u and george michael. u r the best, and still look good as i don’t know what!!!!!!!!! enjoy your life. u still look the best!

  2. Deborah Williams’s avatar

    I too thought you were the sexiest of the two and you are still very good looking to me keren is a very lucky woman to have you my best wishes to you , you sexy thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. L Wakeling’s avatar

    I would just like to say that you and Keren have got the best of everything, take care, you dont need George Micheal you have done well on your own,

  4. Sonya’s avatar

    Looking good always my favourite

  5. Kevin’s avatar

    “Careless Whisper” was actually a George Michael solo single, but was credited in some territories (most notably the U.S.) to ‘Wham! featuring George Michael’ so people wouldn’t think that Wham! had split and stop buying their records.

  6. gary’s avatar

    Andrews hair in the club Tropicana video was awesome !!

  7. Don dressel’s avatar

    I love george Michael but I always thought you were the real reason for his success!

  8. David’s avatar

    This entire article is insulting. Written by someone who obviously reveres the 60s he reduces the 80s to fluff and style. Sorry, the 80s were probably the most political decade in music worlwide that there was. Most Europeans were focused on the possibility of being destroyed in a US/USSR fracas fought out in their countries or being wiped in a global thermonuclear conflict. There were plenty of songs written with that as a backdrop, it saturated everything. Where 60s political concerns were mostly american, 80s were way more worldwide. Also 80s political activism in music was more about DOING than talking. So instead of Woodstock, where people served themselves, you got Live Aid, where people served a cause and DID something about it. Sorry, I’ll take my 80′s over your hedonistic self serving 60′s any day. You are an insulting know nothing.

  9. N. Bellnavis’s avatar

    I always liked both of them, but Andrew was more sexier than George. I want to know why Andrew and Keren never had any children of their own? They made a great business choice in my book!

  10. Pete Powell’s avatar

    Andrew still makes lots of royalties from Wham. You’re right about Andrew being the stylish good looking one for girls to notice. They were only 19 when shot to fame, and George wrote their songs. They werent a manufactured band.

  11. Pete Powell’s avatar

    I think Andrew’s biggest mistake was trying to hard to break into USA like George, but he ignored his British fans who were there from the start.

  12. Nikkie Mayo’s avatar

    I still think yoi to be the sexiest of the two. I loved Wham!’s music, but it was Andrew Rigeley that kept my eyes glued to the television and the pictures. You have aged, but that smile has not gone anywhere. You still will be able to live out your days comfortably….you put in work behind the scenes and that is what is important,

  13. Stacie’s avatar

    Andew Ridgeley was just absolulty gorgeous and still is very handsom a good possibilty George could not have him and maby that went wrong for gay master George has his fame and Andrew has his looks

  14. Guest’s avatar

    You forgot that Ridgeley’s first single from his solo album, “Shake,” was a very modest hit, reaching #58 in Britain.

    His second single, “Red Dress,” didn’t chart, but I think it’s rather underrated, if repetitive. Maybe if another singer had sung it, it would have cracked the Top 40.

    You’re spot on to point out that Michael hasn’t had a Top 10 single in Britain in over ten years. However, you might have overstated his confidence in his image and going solo because he was said to have constantly consulted Ridgeley for advice after Wham! broke up.

  15. Albert’s avatar

    I think this story is similar to John Oates… although John plays guitar…

  16. T pavey’s avatar

    I’ve just read this article, and need to correct a couple of things.
    Firstly, they did meet at Bushey Meads School, (I went there)
    Andrew Ridgeleys mum didn’t teach there, she taught at Bushey Heath primary school, she taught me, and she was far from the most feared, she was one of the nicest and friendliest people you could ever meet!

  17. Dale’s avatar

    Saying an aging man not having pop hits is kind of silly! It’d be more shocking if he had them after his 40s. And hes had number one albums in that time, so let’s be fair – his career is legendary for someone who puts out an album about every 8 years! Andrew was smart to lead George into the pop scene and then latch onto his amazing talent. And nothing to complain about for a guy who cowrote Careless Whisper and made millions!

  18. Dale’s avatar

    And thanks for all the info on Andrew! I didn’t know about a third of that!

  19. me’s avatar

    Funny people actually think they are talking to him here. Demented :)

  20. BD’s avatar

    Yea this article completely discredits itself in the first sentence. 80s was without a doubt the most creative and innovate decade.

  21. Dave’s avatar

    Never compare this guy to John Oates….John is a wonderful musician, wrote vital parts of Hall and Oates songs, has a fine solo catalog and served as in studio producer for most of their work. He is by far a much functioning partner than Andrew was in Wham!

    That said, this is a well written article. I don’t think you make your case for Andrew Ridgeley and as we go on wondering if his guitar was even plugged in its still good to know that his story has a happy ending. Tomorrow as folks go on working hard and struggling thru life we can all be comforted in knowing a winning lottery ticket like Andrew’s career was awaits anyone at any given moment. He is a decent guy and without a lot of talent wound up with the sun shining on his planet.

  22. MOHAMMAD SADIQ’s avatar

    My name is Mohammad Sadiq and I am from Pakistan. I still love WHAM! music and listen to it at times, but in my opinion, George Michael was the main person behind WHAM! success because it is he who wrote such wonderful songs and beautiful music. He is intelligent and he was gorgeous with white teeth, Diana-style colored hair and with those cute ear rings. He sings with PERFECTION and whenever I do something, I take PERFECTION from George Michael’s vocals. He has been a great source of inspiration for me in whatever I do. Simply there is no one like George Michael. George I love you very much. My email address is

  23. G.Stephen’s avatar

    Just saw this while I was reading about the death of George Michael. Andrew Ridgeley now truly has had a better ending.

  24. Lisa’s avatar

    This is a very cute article. I learned a lot about the dynamics of this duo.
    Nice journalism.

  25. david knight’s avatar

    I write this today, hearing the news of George Michaels passing. Its easy to scorn people like Ridgely as hangers on. But l agree with this well written article. Andrew is a winner. Made a load of money in his youth because he was smart, more than enough to keep him comfortable for the rest of his life. He surfs, plays golf, has a lovely partner and goes to the pub without being hassled. Living your life on your terms. He’s very lucky. George struck me as a kind of tragic figure in his last decade, drugs, crashing cars, arrested etc. It should be so rock n roll but it’s just sad… I know he brought much joy to people through his music but l don’t think it brought it to himself. RIP YOG.

  26. Gerry Ahrens’s avatar

    Intg article.
    Continued Best Wishes for Andrew Ridgeley.
    RIP George Michaels.

  27. n’s avatar

    My ex husband met Andrew when he first bought his house ‘ in ‘ Cornwall and not ‘ near’ Cornwall as it says in this article. He was working with the horses belonging to the previous owner and Andrew was introduced to him. My ex said he was a nice chap. I was a huge Wham fan in the 80′s as a teen. George never did anything for me, although I loved his voice and the way he moved. Andrew, the good looking one, was who I was going to marry. Keren beat me to it.

  28. Karen Olson’s avatar

    How could you NOT see George Michael was the chosen one over Andrew? From the first video’s they put out in the U.K. Bad Boys, Fantastic, George Michael came on the stage and blew the roof off with his moves and handsome good looks-that full head of Greek naturally curly hair! Some are born with it and some are not! And George Michael was born with it! In 1988 George Michael was the number one Music Artist in the world, he was bigger than MJ, and Prince, and sold more albums than them. He was GLOBAL!I can’t think of another artist who touched my soul with his songs, all written by him, produced and directed by him. Andy didn’t write them even thou they were still in Wham! at the time. George Michael wrote songs that we could dance to because he knew the power of his music it could heal your soul, no matter what and he shared that love with all of us.
    Have you listened to “Blue” (live in China) and “Nothing Looks the same in the Light”? I am tired of the head basing of GM. Just look at those great video’s so well produced in B/W, great contrast, sets the mood and style of his. There will never be anyone else like George Michael, he was the Man!

  29. Karen Olson’s avatar

    In the 1960′s my favorite band was “The Grass Roots” (Rob Grill) i was 13 years old and all I knew was that FACE! That handsome man with the mysterious mustache and great vocals!But, he was the last one to join the band in 1967, he was always in the back ground, quiet, no one noticed him while they always interviewing Warren Entner. Grill was lost in the back ground…but then look what happen! That man morphed into a Hunk! He took the band into 2011 until his passing! He was the MAN!
    Much like George Michael, never realizing in his youth of 19 years, his music would endure, Pop Music at it’s best and gave us “A Ray of Sunshine” and those great boy shorts and crop tops , Levi 501 button fly jeans that me and my girl friends wore all the time, curtain rings in our ears! Yea!!!
    Upon GM death, he reminded me how important it is to have that BEAT in my Heart and that keep’s me going!

  30. Nicole’s avatar

    If it wasn’t for Andrew there would have been no Wham! Or George Michael. This article is harsh and un warranted. Im my eyes Andrew was the better looking and he has aged wonderfully.


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