PCA Commentary: Defending Mama Snooki

Seems that everybody has an opinion about Momma Snooki.

Now before I begin, being a single man without kids, I’m going to state right now that I am probably the last person in the world to be writing an article about motherhood.  But while I might not understand the realities of being a mother, what I do know about is the media and the way that the public responds to it.  With that being the case I am disgusted by both the media and the public to the negative response to Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Paluzzi’s announcement that she and boyfriend Jionni LaVelle are expecting their first child.  Obviously after watching Snooki’s wild behavior over five seasons of the outrageous MTV reality program, it would be a knee jerk reaction to think that Snooki isn’t mother material.  It is natural that the media might poke a little bit of fun, but posts on both Twitter and Facebook has been unnaturally cruel towards Snooks and her baby.  It has gone past the point of fun, to being demeaning.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the things thapeople have been saying about a woman who are about to be a mother and her unborn child:

“Hey if you’re ever sad about anything, just think, “AT LEAST MY MOM ISN’T SNOOKI!”

Remember when comics were supposed to be funny? Instead, this cartoonist has decided to pass judgement on a woman in the name of comedy. Nice.

“In 15-years time, Snooki will be a grandmother.”

“$50 says Snooki gives birth to a drunk pumpkin.”

“Snooki is expecting her baby on December 21, 2012. The Mayans knew.”

“Sci-Fi Channel strikes up reality show deal with Snooki, strictly covering the birth of whatever comes out of her.”

“I wonder what would be harder to find..Waldo or the father of Snooki’s child?”

“With Snooki being pregnant, I don’t understand how Rick Santorum can be against contraceptives.”

“Let’s get drunker than Snooki’s fetus tonight.”

While a mean spirited public has been "slut shaming" Snooki, it is no secret that the father of her baby is her fiance Jionni LaValle, who she has been with since 2010. Snooki and LaVelle announced their engagement this week.

These are just some of thousands of examples of how both the press and the public are treating Snooki.  Basically, it seems that people feel it is okay to call Snooki an alcoholic slut and make inhuman jeers about her unborn child…in the name of comedy.  Nice internet!  Really nice!

Now I understand that not all women are meant to be mothers, but I think that people should have enough common sense to know that there is a deep emotional connection between a woman and child.  While the public may not want to acknowledge that reality show stars are actually human, this natural bond applies to Snooki as well.  How does anybody feel that they have the right to question Snooki’s ability to be a mother.  I know that it is fun to dehumanize celebrities, but the truth is, we don’t know what sort of mother Snooki will be.  We can’t even predict.  Nobody can know until the baby arrives.  But this is what we do know.

We know that Snooki wants to have this baby.  If she did not she would have the option not to have it, and would not have had to reveal that to the public.  I don’t want to get into a debate over abortion, but Snooki does have options.  However, she has made a conscious decision to carry this child to the point that she made a public announcement.  This was obviously not a traumatic decision for her.  I am sure that Snooki realizes that her life is about to be changed forever.  She is not nearly as dumb as the public makes her out to be.

Adopted by Andy and Helen Polizzi when she was only six months old, Snooki's close relationship with her family has been well documented. Snooki will be bringing a child into a stable family enviroment.

We know that Snooki has the emotional and financial support to raise this child well.  It has been well documented how close Snooki is to her parents, and she has been with the father of her child for over a year.  Furthermore, with the breaking announcement that Snooki and Jionni are now engaged, they have decided to make a stable home for their baby and become a family.  Shy of the spotlight, Jionni has proven to be a stable and supportive man, who seems to be a calming presence to Snooki’s wild streak, offering a responsible balance for this child.  Furthermore, between Jionni’s aspirations to become a teacher, and Snooki’s career on television, not to mention revenue from her “books,” this child will be born into a financially stable household.  When you look at it from these perspectives, this child’s needs, both emotionally and financially, are being taken care of to the point that it is in a far better position then most children.

We only see the Snooki that MTV wants us to see. Truth is, there are Snookis in every city, club in ever neighborhood in every town. The only thing Snooki has to worry about is that her kid doesn't get their hands on any "Jersey Shore" reruns.

We also know, from statements that Snooki made to this week’s US Magazine, that her head is in the right place.  She states that her first thought when she found out that she was pregnant was that she had been drinking in the first month of her pregnancy.  This is a real worry, and her concern, as well as public admittance, has proven that this is something she is taking very seriously.  In fact, Snooki has also said that she is questioning how much longer she will stay on Jersey Shore.  Motherhood changes everything, and Snooki is obviously thinking about this.  It is very probable that the Snooki that we all know and love will be changing to a much toned down and responsible individual.  But remember that we have seen Snooki at her worst because that is what MTV chooses to show us when editing Jersey Shore.  And really, just how outrageous is Snooki?  Think to your own college days and all the dumb assed things you and your friends did in your early twenties.  I can guarantee that in the clubs in your own cities that there are nice, respectful girls who get trashed and stupid every weekend, but that does not mean that they are not suited to one day be responsible mothers.  Our own mothers probably pulled off some stupid “Snookish” stunts in their own youth.  So what’s to say that Snooki doesn’t have what it takes to be a good mother?  Because she is on TV?  Come on now.  Snooki has already shown that she is taking this very seriously, and is already pondering how this child will realistically affect her future.

Littlest victims of who? Not only did the press stalk a postpartum Britney Spears, causing her to have a menatl and emotional breakdown, but openly exploited her children, as seen on this US Weekly cover.. Douchebaggery at its rawest.

But the media pulling punches at celebrity Moms is hardly something new.  The paparazzi waits for celebrity Moms to do something…anything…that they can pounce on and criticize to make them look like bad mothers.  It is how they make their money.  This is the sort of thing that caused Britney Spears to have a nervous breakdown and, eventually, lose custody of her children.  If her postpartum depression wasn’t bad enough, the press was stalking her and trying to prove that she was a bad Mom  no matter what she did.  Was Britney really a bad Mom because her kid fell…despite the fact that children fall all the time?  Mind you, she did some stupid assed things, like driving a vehicle with her baby on her lap while trying to escape photographers, but the media was not compassionate.  Before she even gave birth they had decided she was an  unfit mother and, in the spirit of William Randolph Hearst, sold papers by reporting the news before it happened.  More recently , Beyonce breast feeding her child in public became a headline.  Is giving your child natural nourishment really “news?”  Sorry folks.  It’s “olds.”  It’s been going on since the dawn of time.  But the press needs to make a spectacle of it because that’s how they sell papers.  When you start to really think about it, it’s a bit pathetic.

But just like Snooki has had the reputation of being a “wild child,” some of pop culture’s most devoted “Super Moms” had similar roles in the media before they became mothers.  Women like Tori Spelling, Nicole Ritchie, Jenny McCarthy, Angelina Jolie and Madonna all made tabloid headlines for their outlandish behavior, yet all of these women have successfully recreated their images as being responsible parents.  Why have we already decided that Snooki may not be able to do the same thing?  What makes Snooki so different?

Until Snooki goes all "Joan Crawford" on her child, nobody can judge what sort of mother she'll be...but the evidence shows that Jionni, Mama Snooks and thier little meatball should be just fine.

The truth is, until Snooki goes all Joan Crawford on her kid and beats it with a coat hanger, we just don’t know what sort of mother she will be.  Maybe Snooki can only be what she is, and perhaps she will be a terrible mother.  Maybe it will take this child to make her grow up and be more responsible with her life.  Maybe Snooki will surprise us all and be as good as our own Moms have been.  But there is one thing I do know about Snooki from watching Jersey Shore.  Despite her bad behavior, her drinking and some of the stupid things she has to say, Snooki probably has the biggest heart out of everybody on that show.  She has a strong belief in the idea of family.  She is devoted to her family and her friends, and she is a woman who is full of love.  I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the baby that she is carrying in her womb will be loved by Momma Snooks.  The only thing I think she ever has to fear is her child getting its hands on Jersey Shore reruns some thirteen years down the road.

So if you want to say nasty things about a pregnant woman and her unborn child well that is your prerogative, but personally I think it makes you a callous douchebag.  Instead, I want to congratulate Snooki and Jionni and send positive energy to them so that they have a healthy baby and all the joys and happiness that a child can bring to their life.   Take care of yourself Snooki, and  lets prove your critics wrong.

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    Well done Sam. I’m proud of you. I know when I was much younger I knew I had to change if I wanted a family. I did change and that led me to the Island and Your Uncle Sandy. The rest is history.


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