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You may not agree with his point of view, but this is how Sam Tweedle, the pop culture addict, sees it.  Looking at the more controversial sides of the pop culture journey.

Miley Don’t You Twerk So Fast

When pop stars Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke teamed up at the 2013 MVA Awards in 2013, their sexually charged performance not only became one of the most talked about TV events of the year, but it shocked viewers and critics and put the term “twerk” into the cultural lexicon.  As the world asked the question “What was Miley thinking?” PCA takes an alternative look at the performance as an on-screen execution of Hannah Montanan and a misguided way for Miley Cyrus to break her Disney bonds and “grow up.”

Alan Scott…Gay?

One of the most extreme character revamps of the DCnU has been making the revamped Alan Scott, DC’s Golden Age Green Lantern, into a gay man in James Robinson’s and Nicola Scott’s Earth One.  Causing immediate controversy, the sexual orientation of a seventy year old character has had fans both applauding the move, while others have called foul.  In a controversial article that even divided the PCA staff, we break down just why making Alan Scott was a bad idea in a historical sense, discuss how this story could have been more realistic and better executed and reveals why “Gay Green Lantern” is just a publicity stunt gone wrong.

It Was Not Batman’s Fault

When a gunman opened fire on an Aurora, Colorado midnight audience of Batman: The Dark Night Rises in July 2012, people looking for someone to blame pointed fingers at Batman, the film, and pop culture in general.  With gun control a continuing hot topic in America politics, its hard to figure out just who is to blame.  However Sam Tweedle wants to remind people that whoever you blame, remember that it wasn’t Batman’s fault.

The Shadow of Natalie Wood

In 2012 the world was shocked when the investigation into the mysterious 1981 death of screen icon Natalie Wood was reopened by the LAPD.  Believed to be a victim of manslaughter at the hands of her husband Robert Wagoner by the public, was it possible that the LAPD actually plan to let justice finally be served, or are they just reopening the wounds of the people that were left behind.  Featuring details about Sam Tweedle’s candid private conversation with Natalie’s sister Lana Wood on the subject.

Defending Mama Snooki

When Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi revealed to the world in spring 2012 that she and fiance Jionni LaValle were expecting their first child, Snooki became the victim of slut shaming, ugly taunts and horrible statements about her unborn child by a cruel and cynical public in the name of comedy.  Just how much is too much when it comes to the sake of the children of notorious media figures?

The Bieber Baby: Who is the REAL Victim?

In November 2011 delusional Justin Beiber fan, Mariah Yeater, filed a lawsuit claiming that the teen idol was the father of her child.  Although the case was quickly thrown out and the plot was revealed to be a hoax, Bieber was branded a victim for what was almost a very public scandal.  However, who seemed to get ignored was the real victim of this story – one year old Trytan, who was used as a pawn by his mother for publicity and exploitation.

Twlight Stars Honoured at Graman’s.  WTF?

Once upon a time it was the greatest honor for a member of the Hollywood community to get their feet and hands immortalized in the courtyard at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Only the best of the best were granted this privilege.  However, in 2011 a series of questionable inductees made their mark including the cast of Twilight who have yet to prove themselves marketable outside of the franchise, as well as sport figures and recording artists who have never appeared in film.  Has Grauman’s sold out?

The Truth About Rebecca Black or Taking a Second Look at “Friday”

In March 2011 the whole world grasped on to a shitty little pop song called Friday by unknown teenager Rebecca Black and called it the worst video ever made.  As the video went viral, the audience got uglier and more cruel, with a poor California teen who had dreams of stardom caught in the crossfire.  PCA takes a look at the fall of Rebecca Black, including a look at Ark Music Factory which exploits the dreams of California area teens, and Sam Tweedle gives some “big brotherly” advice to a kid way in over her head.

Elmo, Katy Perry, and Katy Perry’s Breasts

One day pop sensation Katy Perry decided to visit Sesame Street and sing a song with Elmo, but angry parents said “Not in that outfit you don’t” and the segment was pulled off of the traditionally groundbreaking show.  Was Katy’s cleavage really to blame, or has Sesame Street given into a Republican mandate?  Whatever happened to the days when a coked up Richard Pryor could recite the alphabet and Buffy St. Marie could breastfeed on camera?

Archie Introduces Gay Character

In 2010 Archie Comics, famous for it’s age appropriate comic books, shocked the public when it announced that it would introduce a brand new gay teen character into the book.  Since then Kevin Keller has become a comic book sensation, breaking new ground in the medium.  PCA’s first, or many, looks at this popular trend setting character.

Tiger Wood’s Nike Commercial

In 2010 a hero fell and golf legend Tiger Wood’s sex scandal led him to losing the majority of his sponsors.  However one sponsor, Nike, stuck with him, making one of the most daring commercials ever made dealing directly with the scandal.  Much better than pretending it didn’t happen.


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