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Chloe Moretz has become the "kid sister" of cult film fandom

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Chloe Moretz has the distinction of having possibly the most shocking catch phrase ever given to a tween actress. In the role of pint sized vigilante Hit-Girl in the hit film Kick-Ass, through gritted teeth Moretz sneers “Okay you cunts… Let’s see what you can do now!” The line, which kicked up pre-release controversy for the film, has only increased the notoriety of thirteen year old Moretz.  Playing a character from the Marvel comic series by Mark Miller, Moretz is not only the break out star of Kick-Ass but her performance has skyrocketed her into being possibly the youngest cult film actress in the history of film. As the eleven year old daughter of Nicholas Cage, she swears like a pirate, sneers one liners like a pro and executes goons at point blank. Yet, as she racks up the highest body count in the film, she still manages to maintain a girlish giddiness throughout the blood and mayhem, and still has the cutie-pie charms of a little girl. If it happened in real life we’d be horrified, but since its in a movie its sort of cool. Equal parts sweet and stone cold, Moretz’s performance harkens back to the career making performances of Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver and Natalie Portman in The Professional, but with the special quality that made Kill Bill’s Chiaki “Gogo” Kuriyama into a cult film favourite. Simply put, Kick-Ass is Chloe Moretz’s breakout film, and the smallest cult film superstar of them all has become an overnight sensation.

Although only crossing the pop culture radar now, Chloe Mortez has been involved in high profile productions since the age of seven.

Although the world seems to just be noticing Chloe Moretz now, she is hardly a newcomer to the film industry. Born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1997 Moretz has been working in Hollywood since the age of seven when she appeared in two episodes of The Guardian in 2004. Shortly afterwards she made a peep on the pop culture radar as Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George’s daughter Chelsea who is haunted by the ghost of a little girl in the excellent 2005 remake of The Amityville Horror. In 2007, when Disney made headlines for replacing Christopher Robin with a little girl named Darby in their CGI version of Winnie the Pooh, it was Moretz who played the American version of Pooh’s new best friend. Moretz went on to play Peter Krause’s daughter Kiki in the first season of Dirty Sexy Money, and most recently was seen in last years (500) Days of Summer with Gordon Levitt Hewitt. Although she’s just finally hit pop culture stardom, she has had her feet firmly planted in the industry for a while.

While her character Hit-Girl has raised eyebrows amongst conservative parent groups, thirteen year old Moretz states "It is a controversial role, but it was a role I wanted to do. If I said a sixteenth of the words I say in that movie at home, I would be grounded for the rest of my life for sure."

However, unlike most tween actors who get trapped in adolescent roles through Disney or Nickelodeon productions, or blase and forgettable family films, Chloe Moretz has a bright future in front of her as a cult film actress. Already creating headlines, and winning the favour and affection of film fans who want to adopt her as their kid sister, Moretz has already proved herself to be more versatile then even her older contemporaries. Yet conservative parent and religious groups are already questioning her psyche by asking if it is irresponsible to allow a girl as young as Moretz to play a role as violent as Hit-Girl.  Even film critic Roger Ebert questioned Moretz’ performance in his column in the Chicago Sun Times last week by stating “This isn’t comic violence. These men, and many others in the film, are really stone-cold dead. And the 11-year-old apparently experiences no emotions about this. Many children that age would be, I dunno, affected somehow, don’t you think, after killing eight or twelve men who were trying to kill her?”  Come on Roger Ebert!  What happened to that groovy free thinker that wrote Beyond the Valley of the Dolls?  Yet, in the face of all the criticism, Moretz responded by saying “It’s a movie. Obviously a little girl can’t beat up and kill huge, heavy men. I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t realize it’s not real.  It is a controversial role, but it was a role I wanted to do.  If I said a sixteenth of the words I say in that movie at home, I would be grounded for the rest of my life for sure.”

As the stand out star of this weeks top box-office movie, Kick-Ass wont be the last that we’ll be seeing of Chloe Moretz. Moretz will be staring as a vampire later this year in Let Me In, an American remake of the classic Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In. Although remaking the film is probably a bad idea within itself, the role is sure to kick up even more controversy and notoriety for Chloe Moetez. She will also be co-starring in this summers Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and has an additional three films currently in preproduction. However, if box office returns on Kick-Ass are any indication, hopefully we’ll see Chloe Moretz back in the purple wig as Hit-Girl before too long.  It’s in the role of Hit-Girl that Chloe Moretz has become officially the coolest thirteen year old girl in the world.

  1. lokey’s avatar

    Hit girl is the greatest movie charter ever if I ever have a daughter I want her to be just like hit girl so she can kick the shit out of any pedo

  2. jazz’s avatar

    Chloe Moretz (Hit Girl) is this week’s Rogue of the Week. http://bit.ly/d5N8RH

  3. dreamofturtles’s avatar

    Hi –

    Nice piece on Moretz. I’ve said this on YouTube, and I’ll say it here: Chloe Moretz is an incredible actress – she’s multidimensional, incredibly talented and, as far as I’m concerned, I’ll treat Moretz acting as I would treat an adult actress. I will leave home and go to the movies to see a film starring Chloe Grace Moretz, simply because she’s that good. Forget the age thing. She’s gonna stick around the industry. You can bet on that.


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