PCA Spotlight

Because the world of pop culture is never ending, Sam Tweedle highlights celebrities, both old and new, who are crossing his personal pop culture radar, and strengthening the future of pop culture!

Donnie Wahlberg

First hitting the pop culture radar as the “bad boy without a clue” in the late 80′s boy band The New Kids on the Block, Donnie Wahlberg has transformed himself from teen idol to tough guy in a lucrative acting career playing cops, detectives, thugs and other tough guys.  After watching him in the first season of his newest TV hit Blue Bloods, Sam Tweedle gives Donnie Wahlberg his props by explaining just why he is like a Reese Peanut Butter Cup in this look at his acting career!

Esperanza Spalding

Appearing out of almost nowhere, jazz musician Esperanza Spalding shocked the world, as well as an angry legion of Justin Beiber fans, when she took hom the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2011.  PCA takes a look at just who she is, where she came from and why she rightfully deserves the award.  She may not have her own 3D movie, but Esperanza Spalding is pushing the boundaries of jazz, and giving new hope for the next generation of legitimate music.

Ashley Greene

What’s the big deal about Team Edward or Team Jacob?  What about Team Alice?  PCA takes a look at the life and career of Hollywood newcomver Ashely Greene who plays sparkly vampire Alice Cullen, the most endearing and coolest character in the Twilight movie series.   Evem the most hardened vampire fan who hates the Twilight franchise has to admit that Alice Cullen sort of kicks ass!

Heather Morris

Originally hired to teach the Single Ladies dance developed by herself and Beyonce to the cast of Glee, dancer Heather Morris went from being a background character to one of the most popular, and most quaotable characters on the hit television phenomena.  In the role of airhead Cheerio Britnay Pierce, Heather Morris has grown a legion of fans who hang on to ever one of her lines.  “Do you know dolphins are just gay sharks?”

Chloe Moretz

2010 proved to be the break out year for thirteen year old actress Chloe Moretz who shocked audiences and caused controversy for playing the foul mouthed child vigilante Hit Girl in the summer blockbuster Kick Ass and blood thirty vampire Abby in Hammer’s Let Me In, creating a fan following of film buffs world wide, and making her the official “little sister” of the cult movie industry.

Edward Hill aka The Tro Lo Lo Guy

Wallowing in obscurity since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian crooner Edward Hill found himself back on the pop culture radar in 2010 when a retro video of him became a YouTube phenomena as people worldwide went “WTF.”  PCA uncovers the rise, fall and rise again of the man known as “Tro lo lo.”


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