Sam writes about shows and character from television, from the beloved and popular to the nigh-forgotten, bringing forth some of TV’s best stories in the process.  TV is one of the great shared North American experiences.  Actors and stories that have shaped generations, introduced people to new things, or just made us laugh are all featured as the Pop Culture Addict discusses Television.

I Love You Doctor Who Girl:  PCA’s Top 10 Doctor Who Girl Crushes

As important of Doctor Who as the Doctor himself, the Doctor Who Girl has become an important part of British culture which has fueled many of the earliest school boy crushes for young (and old) viewers worldwide.  PCA celebrates 50 years of Doctor Who by taking a look at ten personal favorite Doctor Who companions, and just what made them so special.


Regenerations: The Madness of William Hartnell

“Regeneration” is a accepted tradition on Doctor Who, as one actor hands the role of the Doctor to the next.  However, what was the circumstances behind the first regeneration?  We take a look at the circumstances that lead to William Hartnell being fired from the role in a distrubing profile of a fan favorite who was losing his mind to mental illness as well as look at the stories behind Doctor departures throughout the decades.

Defending Dawn: Confessions of a Michelle Trachenberg Fan

Sam talks about his affection for one of recent TV history’s most-disliked characters, and the actress that portrayed her. Despite her career of mostly bit parts and second-rate films and his friends’ mockery, Sam’s affection continues unabated.  Join Sam as he attempts to explain what the hell he sees in Michelle Trachenberg.

Jonathan Frid: The Curse of Barnabas Collins

No one can escape the Vampire phenomenon when it hits; from the teen heart-throbs of Twilight back to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Vampire frenzy grips people and doesn’t let go.  Join Sam as he explores one of  the strangest daytime soap-opera of all time and its sexy vampire hero: Dark Shadows and Barnabas Collins.

Tonight Eric Braeden Shall Eat Your Soul: A Look At the Pre-Soap Career of TV’s Black Knight

Best known for playing hero/villain Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless over thirty years, actor Eric Braeden has had a much larger career in Hollywood, playing villains in a plethora of classic action/adventure programs throughout the 1960s and 1970′s, including the role of Capt. Hans Deitrich on Rat Patrol.  PCA takes a look at the first two decades of Eric Braden’s career from his early days in the film business to his first year on Y&R.

TV Tnes: Made for TV bands that rocked our TV sets     Part One – 1951 to 1979

From the first television show featuring a musician as part of the cast (The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet) to many memorable performances (Gilligan’s Island’s ‘The Honeybees’) to the battle between the Brady’s and the Partridge Family, to the Muppet’s Electric Mayhem, Sam explores the history of the made-for-TV band.

TV Tunes: Made for TV bands that rocked our TV sets
Part Two – 1980 to 2008

In Part Two of his article on made-for-TV bands, Sam explores Scott Baio, Tony Danza, Tod Bridges, Dana Plato and John Stamos’  attempts to sing, and the success of  Miley Cyrus’ much more successful career, as well as lots of your favourites along the way.

Dan Blocker: The Man Called Hoss

In the role of the oafish Hoss Cartright on the classic TV western Bonanza, Dan Blocker was not only one of the biggest actors on television, but one of the most beloved.  However, what the audience didn’t realize that although his character was dim-witted, in reality Dan Blocker was the most educated member of the  cast, who was studying for his PHD in theater and had performed Shakespeare on Broadway prior to Bonanza!  PCA looks at the short life and career of a man who’s true genius was never realized by the audience who loved the man called Hoss.

In search of the girl who wears a big friggin’ hat behind Blossom, who also wears a big friggin’ hat, or Jenna Von Huh?

When Sam wrote this article back in 2005, he had little idea what kind of attention it would get.  As it turns out, Jenna Von Oy is a bit of a cult pin-up figure, particularly because she has a great butt.  Who would think spazzy Six from Blossom would grow up to be a curvaceous bombshell? Well, in service to our readers, we’ve added a gallery of Jenna Von Oy for your viewing pleasure.

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Cemetary?

Sam lays to rest the urban legend of Grover’s death on Sesame Street, and explores the ways that the beloved children’s show has dealt with the deaths of actors over the years by playing tribute to Mr. Hooper, the original Gordon and soul brother David.

Darlene Gillespie:  Walt Disney’s Bad Seed

Although things seemed harmonious on the set of The Mickey Mouse Club, one Mouseketeer, Darlene Gillespie, didn’t like standing in Annette Funicello’s shadow.  PCA explores the behind the scenes rivalry between Darlene and Annette, in which Darlene’s cut throat ambition played into her downfall in Hollywood and lead her down a path to a prison sentence.  A tragic tale of ambition and broken dreams that tainted questionably the most talented of the legendary Mouseketeers.

Are These Happy Days Yours and Mine Happy Days?: The Violent and Merciless Death of a Classic Sitcom

In 1977 Fonzie jumped the shark, but Happy Days lasted another painful seven years on the air.  In this critical analytical look at Happy Days during the 1980′s, PCA looks at just how far a classic sit-com can fall.  From cast departures, to adopted children, to Ted McGintley and of course the disastrous Joanie Loves Chachi, we ask “just how happy was Happy Days at the end?

Are These Happy Days Yours and Mine Happy Days II: The Curse of Ted McGinley

Although he is known as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, it is believed that Ted McGinley is cursed.  The slayer of classic programs, Ted was late cast additions to Happy Days, Love Boat and Falcoln Crest, cursing them with cancellation.  Did his successful portrayals as Jefferson D’Arcy on Married with Childrencalm the curse, or is Ted McGinley waiting to strike again?

Tales From the Riverbank: Rediscovering Hammy Hamster

One of television’s strangest icons, Hammy Hamster became a favorite of children’s television on Tales From the Riverbankthroughout Canada and the UK during three different incarnations in the 1960′s, 1970′s and 1990′s.  One of Canada’s most successful television franchises, Hammy Hamster depended on imagination, clever storytelling and a cast of rodents, creating a loyal fanbase that endures still today.

The Olsen Twins: Exploitation, Anorexia and the Tragedies to Come

After the revelation that Mary Kate Olsen was battling anorexia in 2004, Sam Tweedle took a analytical look at the career of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the lovable twins behind one of the 1990′s biggest money making franchises.  However, was their climb to the top natural, or was it modern child exploitation.  Sam also makes a comparison of the Olsen’s career to that of Shirley Temple, and makes some bold statements and predictions for the future – with a few being hauntingly accurate!

An Open Letter to Yvonne Craig From a Boy Who Loved Batgirl

One morning in 2004, the day after the famous Peterborough flood, writer Sam Tweedle caught Ski Partyon television co-starring one of his childhood crushes, actress Yvonne Craig, best remembered for her portrayal as Batgirl on the classic 1960′s Batman TV series.  Writing a letter outlining his boyhood crush, Sam Tweedle wrote what would be the very first Pop Culture Addict article ever!


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