This Week at PCA: Sarah Slean

With a majestic sense of elegance and grandeur, Sarah Slean has become the empress of Canadian pop music.  One of Canada’s most talented singer/songwriters, Sarah Slean’s projects always give off a dramatic flair.  Fusing together poetry, drama and music, Slean has turned pop music into an intellectual experience.

Sarah Slean grew up in Pickering,Ontario and first gained mass attention on the music scene with the release of her independent album, Blue Parade in 1998. She released her sophomore album Night Bugs, her first with a major label, in 2002. Night Bugs led to a Juno nomination for “New Artist of the Year”.  While cultivating a devoted fan following throughout the last decade, Slean has proven herself a renaissance woman, releasing six albums and two books of poetry as well as appearing in four films, she is also currently writing a stage musical.  Nominated for multiple Junos and Geminis, Slean’s albums have been released in over forty countries, earning her an international following far beyond the Canadian music scene.  Currently Slean is on one of her most ambitious musical journeys promoting her new double concept album, Land and Sea, which includes a large string section on a cross Canada tour.  Bringing her larger than life dramatic flair to cities across Canada, Slean puts her own unique touch of elegance on everything she touches.

A long-time admirer of Sarah Slean’s music, I’ve seen her many times on stage and have met her in passing at various shows.  However, talking with her one on one is a much more intense experience than experiencing her at a “meet and greet.”  Sarah Slean is a highly intelligent woman who thinks philosophically.  As a result, her words are every bit as thoughtful and poetic as the lyrics of her songs.





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